Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, ​Abilene Shakespeare Festival.

Miranda West


Singer, Actor, Voiceover Artist

The Attic Players 

Miranda's new improv team, The Attic Players, performs roughly every other Friday at 8pm in The Tank's Attic space. They perform an improvised one-act play each night, and sometimes it gets wild!

Improv in Times Square

Miranda was selected with several other Armory Comedy members to do short-form improv in Times Square as part of an Arts Festival in the city. She played short-form games for the Fashion District folks on their lunch breaks!

Model Feature Film Release

The Chinese language film "Model" that Miranda appeared in is now available to watch on Vimeo! Go to the director, Ran Jing's, Vimeo profile to check it out.

Improv for Commercials Class

Miranda took an Improv for Commercials class taught by Jake Keefe. The focus was on making both non-verbal and verbal strong improv choices for self-taped commercial auditions!

East End Short Film

Miranda played a realtor trying desperately to make a sale in the short film East End, which is currently being shown in festivals around the US!

The Magnet Musical Improv 

Miranda performed with the musical improv team "Dale" during the month of February at The Magnet Theater! They created an improvised musical every Friday night of the month. 

Spotify Ads Galore

Miranda has been working with Forever Audio to record Spotify voiceover ads for various brands, including: DoorDash, Taco Bell, Cheggs, The National Guard, Sol De Janeiro, and many others!

Indie Cage Match

Miranda's indie improv team, Hobby Lobby Baby Hammer, has been performing all around town and just had a blast performing at UCB Subculture in Indie Cage Match!

Passing Workshop

Miranda was in the ensemble for the Choreography Lab of Passing, a new musical. It was presented at New York Theatre Barn as part of their New Works series.

Seven Sons Series

Miranda is the narrator for the Seven Sons series by Kristen Osbourne and Amelia Adams. Currently the first three books of the series are available on (Adam, Benjamin, and Caleb.) Look for Book 4, Daniel, coming soon!